Peter, we know you’ll love the chocolate in Greece!

Peter Senftleben is an independent editor with a passion for helping writers hone their craft and turn their projects into the best books they can be. He has an odd background for an editor; he earned a degree in chemical engineering and math from Tulane University, but has been in the world of publishing since moving to New York City in 2003.

First he was an intern at a prestigious literary agency, then an assistant at a much smaller boutique agency. He soon moved to the editorial side of the business and spent nearly ten years acquiring, editing, and publishing a wide range of commercial fiction for Kensington Publishing. In 2016, he moved to Crooked Lane Books with a focus on crime novels.

In over a decade of editing, Peter has worked on more than 200 titles in genres ranging from romance to mystery to horror, as well as mainstream fiction. Many of the authors with whom he’s worked have won awards and are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

Peter likes books, cookies, reality competition shows, New Orleans, pizza, and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.