Experience the Magic that is Santorini

From the captivating Caldera to the mesmerizing beaches

Experience beautiful highlights of Santorini, while immersing yourself in the culture and savoring the distinct local tastes.  

Cost & Dates

  Set your calendars. Tours begin on the first Sunday of each month. Please note availability and pricing varies according to date. Santorini has so much to see and explore that one could lose himself on the island for days and not satiate the need to experience more. This volcanic island, which has unearthed settlements from 4,000 years ago, captivates with its rugged beauty, entices with its warm hospitality, and tantalizes with its rich flavor. The tour is specially crafted for travelers looking to enjoy seven days of sun and relaxation, ladled with history, art, and culture. Not many places can offer all of this rolled into one week. Santorini does! The good weather of this southernmost Cycladic island allows for comfortable enjoyment of excursions throughout the year. However, in July and August the thermometer can climb rather high, therefore activities requiring more that a touch of physical exertion are scheduled for early morning hours. This tour demonstrates Greece’s blending of all eras of history with modern life in every step along the way. This week-long journey is an opportunity to saunter a bit farther into the details.

What’s Included

The Cost of the tour includes:
  • Meet your Insiders Tours Leader at Pireaus Port for a ferry ride to Santorini or meet us at the resort in Santorini for Happy Hour
  • Transfers from Santorini port to hotel.
  • [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]Six nights inclusive lodging[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]Resort offered breakfast, lunch & dinner daily[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks at resort during pool bar service hours[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]Entrance fees and tickets for excursions and museums[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]24/7 Insiders Certified Tour Leader[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]Local licensed tour guidesl[/list_item] [list_item icon=”plus-sign”]Tour land transfers[/list_item] [gap height=”20″] [/one_half] [one_half_last][separator headline=”h2″ title=”Daily Itinerary”]
Sunday- Day 1 Depart Pireus in the morning and Arrive Santorini in early afternoon. (OR You can travel on your own and  meet us at the resort for Happy Hour) Transfer to Hotel Stroll along the beach, toes in the black sand, and familiarize yourself with the quaint and comfortable seaside of Kamari. Day 2 Deluxe Island Coach Tour Lazy, true vacation morning near the resort, then after lunch we will venture out on a private mini-bus with a local expert guide and explore Santorini. We’ll make our way to the highest point of the island, Mt Prophet Elias, meander through traditional villages, and visit the Red Beach and seaside town of Akrotiri. Here you can sip frappe by the water or visit Archeological Akrotiri, before heading off to explore the picturesque offerings of Fira, and chasing the sunset into to waters off of the quaint settlement of Oia.  There will be free time in Fira and Oia for souvenirs and snacks. Day 3 Flavors of the Wineries and Brewery Tour. Learn of the unique varieties and the history of Santorini wine in these quaint and charismatic wineries. Day 4 Join your tour leader on a hike from Fira to Oia (it’s an easy, but long walk. We’ll start around 6am to beat the noon heat on this just-under 10 km hike). Or make this day what you choose…Meander through Fira for the perfect picture shot. Enjoy the black beach or resort pool. Relax your way! It’s your vacation of a lifetime. Day 5 See ‘Day 4’, repeat, and revisit your favorite place to breathe right! Your leader may just scoot around the island on a rental…care to join? Or would you rather visit the Prehistoric Museum? Day 6 Sail the caldera in a proud wooden craft to the still-live volcano. You’ll have the opportunity to climb up to the crater for a look inside, then cool off with a swim in the sulfur springs! It’s a dinner sunset cruise to end the trip right. Day 7 Savor the last Santorini sunrise, because in the afternoon we ferry back to Athens and say “Gia” for now. Please note: Insiders Tours retains the option to exchange excursions and schedules as determined best for specific conditions. Thank you for joining us and trusting Insiders Tours to provide you with an unforgettable trip of a lifetime – every time. Be sure to ask your tour leader about the True Insider Discount when reserving your next tour. And remember, don’t be a tourist, be a traveler! [/one_half_last]