In the Footsteps of St. Paul…Thessaloniki

Much like today, when Thessaloniki is considered “The Bride of Thermaikos”, in 50 AD, it is a vibrant city with endless culture and religious opportunity. Over the course of three consecutive weeks, St. Paul visits the Jewish synagogue and preaches to the attendees. Many who hear him speak embrace Christianity, but those who do not agree rile the masses and the Thessalonian Christians help him escape from the city under the cover of the night’s darkness.

There are many sights to see and routes to follow. When doing a simple Internet search, one finds numerous themed excursions, including the Roman Route, the Ottoman Route, the Jewish Route, In the Footsteps of Cyril and Mothodius, In the Footsteps of Aristotle, and of most importance to us for our journey, we focus on the Footsteps of St. Paul.

The tremendous value the two letters of Apostle Paul, Thessalonians, which constitute the most ancient texts of the New Testament, is written with great emotionality and affection to the Thessalonians, and St. Paul characterizes Thessalonians as exemplar for all Christians of Greece.

During our time in Thessaloniki, a guide will lead us through locales St. Paul visited, as well as sights erected later in his honor and other Early Christian and Byzantine monuments. Among them the Church of St. Paul, the Apostle Paul’s Holy Water, and the Vlatadon Monastery. 

Check back for more on each during the week.