In the Footsteps of St. Paul…Thessaloniki

St Pauls Church

Much like today, when Thessaloniki is considered “The Bride of Thermaikos”, in 50 AD, it is a vibrant city with endless culture and religious opportunity. Over the course of three consecutive weeks, St. Paul visits the Jewish synagogue and preaches to the attendees. Many who hear him speak embrace Christianity, but those who do not … Read more

Footsteps of St. Paul…Veroia

First mentioned in the writings of Thudydides in 432 BC, Veroia is an old city even by the standards of Greece. There is evidence that Veroia, historically also spelled Berea, was populated as early as 1000 BC. St. Paul came to the city and preached during Roman Rule, and its residents were among the first … Read more

Footsteps of St. Paul… Philippi and Lydia

The Archaeological Site of Philippi is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Monuments and the most important site in the Easter Macedonian region of Greece.  Philippi was a major city northwest of the nearby island, Thasos. Its original name was Crenides (Κρηνῖδες, Krenides “Fountains”) after its establishment by Thasian colonists in 360/359 BC. However the city was renamed … Read more

Footsteps of St. Paul… Kavala

In discussing the highlights of Insiders Tours Footsteps of St. Paul Odyssey, we begin with Kavala, previously know as Neapolis in biblical times. Neapolis is the present-day city of Kavala. Located along the crystal clear blue waters of Eastern Macedonia in Northern Greece, with its prime geographical location, its natural port, and its proximity to … Read more

Footsteps of St. Paul Odyssey

Highlights of Insiders Tours Route during In The Footsteps of St. Paul Odyssey The route the Apostle of Nations, Apostle Paul, followed in Greece is one of the most remarkable religious routes in the world. Although he was not one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, he spread the word of Christianity above all others and was … Read more