Footsteps of St. Paul Odyssey

Highlights of Insiders Tours Route during In The Footsteps of St. Paul Odyssey

The route the Apostle of Nations, Apostle Paul, followed in Greece is one of the most remarkable religious routes in the world. Although he was not one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, he spread the word of Christianity above all others and was named “Equal-to-the-Apostles” in turn. Among the countries he visited on his three documented journeys was Greece. 

In specific, his route in Greece is a journey that touches not only believers, but everyone who loves history. The route that Apostle Paul followed in Greece is an ideal combination of pilgrimage and sightseeing of some of the most beautiful places in Greece. 

Check back over the next few days as we share information on the places experienced by travelers while on Insiders Tours In the Footsteps of St. Paul Odyssey.  In the upcoming posts, we include Kavala, Philippi, Lydia, Veroia (Berea),Thessaloniki, Athens, Corinth, and in the case of this September’s Odyssey, crafted for St. Michael’s Church, we add the sought after vacation bucket list destinations of Meteora and Santorini.

The September 2019 tour is open to all and has limited availability. You may view the complete itinerary and reserve your spot here.

Check back tomorrow for more information on Kavala…previously known as Neapolis.