Blog: There’s no place like Greece!

Our grandmother, yiayia Stella, always impressed upon us that Easter is the most important holiday for our faith. Clearly, we (my brothers and I) bombarded her with endless questions on our Friday evening walks to church services during lent for the Egomia, and her answers changed changed only slightly according to our age.

As practicing Greek Orthodox Christians,definitely not theologians, but lay people, we feel an extra special connection when we experience this reflective and renewing season of peace in Greece. Therefore, we’re thrilled to present an annual Easter Tour -offering travelers the opportunity to also experience what we so clearly treasure.

Different regions of Greece have different and distinct traditions. However, it is the coming together of all people, the laughter of family and friends, and the love which is felt all around that makes Easter in Greece extra special. We look forward to sharing this with you, and on Holy Saturday to raise our lambathes and chant Christos Anesti together.

Check this blog throughout the week for an Insiders’ recap of Holy Week 2018.

Let’s Begin in Athens

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