Currency exchange for Greece trip

While currency exchange in Greece as simple and easy as picking up cash from any corner store in the United States, the most common questions we receive from our guests is how (and where) to get cash for their trip abroad.
Note: The currency in Greece is the Euro. At the moment, April 7th, 2019, the exchange rate is approximately $1.13 for each Euro.

You can view the raters on various websites. Without any preference on Insiders Tours behalf, here are two quick examples: fx-rate, xe currency.

Where is it easiest to get Euros for Greece?

The easiest way to get euros is to use the local ATM machines. ATMs are plentiful and can be found almost everywhere. The fees and exchange rates will apply, but you withdraw what you need and don’t need to carry a lot of cash you may not use.  You can also “order” Euros at your bank–there is a fee–and you should know how much you really need or you’ll have to sell the foreign money back.

Can credit cards be used in Greece?

In all the major cities and most other areas, shops, restaurants, and attraction accept credit cards, therefore they’re easy to use. The credit card companies automatically will handle the currency exchange in Greece, all you need to do is swipe or insert chip. However, we do suggest checking with your cards to see if they charge foreign transaction fees. Most do, but some don’t! Guess which ones we prefer 😊
Most places accept Visa and MasterCard, less take American Express, and even fewer take Discover.

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